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Episode 13 with Zachary Richard Podcast

My guest today is Mr. Zachary Richard.  Songwriter, performer, poet, activist.  Zachary is like a "Cajun- renaissance" man, who has never ceased promoting and educating others about the French identity of South Louisiana and his Cajun heritage. Beginning his career in the early 1970’s up to now- with almost 25 albums to his name, Grammy nominations, 3 volumes of poetry and even children's books, he remains a prolific and passionate artist. (And as you’ll hear Zachary has had some great guitarists and…

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Episode 12 with Jon Cleary Podcast

Although he grew up in a small town just south of London, England, spend some time listening to Jon Cleary and you will swear he is the result of some sort of super-engineering experiment that sought to combine the absolute best of New Orleans/Funk/ Soul music into one performer- it’s in his DNA- from the way he plays to the subtle ways it permeates his native English accent. In addition to being a pianist and guitarist of impeccable taste and feel, he is also a gifted vocalist. 

Cleary, who has 8 solo…

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Episode 11 with Will Lee Podcast

My guest today is Mr. Will Lee. What can you say about Will that hasn’t already been said? He’s one of the most recorded bassists ever-     He hit the ground running in NYC after landing the gig with Dreams at age 18 and hasn’t looked back appearing on well over 1000 records. He’s also a very talented singer and sang on many jingles that you probably didn’t even realize he was on. 

And even if you haven’t heard Will on records (which I’m sure is simply not possible) you’ve undoubtedly seen him in your…

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Episode 10 with John Leventhal Podcast

My guest today is Mr. John Leventhal. John is a guitarist, songwriter and producer, having won 5 Grammys  and 16 nominations for records he has produced. (I may be incorrect about this, it might actually be more…) 

 As usual on the Riff Raff, I have “selfish” ulterior motives and tend to interview people who were influential to me as a guitarist/producer and John is at the top of that list. He was a big influence on the way I approach working with singers and in the studio. His uncoventional approachs to…

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Episode 9 with Warren DeMartini Podcast

Today’s guest is Mr. Warren DeMartini. Warren is best known as being the badass guitar gunslinger in one of the most prolific and massively successful of the 80’s bands- that would be Ratt. 

If you’ve been listening to Riff Raff for a while you’ll know that everyone on the show was an influence or even hero of mine and Warren is no certainly no exception- he had a huge impact on my own playing and style. 

I had been wanting to get Warren on the podcast for a while but I knew that he doesn’t like to do…

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Episode 8 with Dweezil Zappa (scroll down for podcast player) Podcast

My guest today is Mr. Dweezil Zappa. I first met Dweezil a few years back at the Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival- an amazingly beautiful locale next to Glacier Lake in Bigfork, Montana where we were both teaching and performing. We hit it off and did a lot of jamming and trading ideas together in between our classes. Fast forward to this year and we’re at it again, teaching a weeklong master class together to a small group of students. 

I consider Dweezil to be a musician of the highest level who is…

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Episode 7 with Kirk Covington Podcast

My guest today is Mr. Kirk Covington. 

You know, out of all the musicians that I can think of, there aren’t many that are as freakishly talented as Kirk. I mean I know guys can play a little of this and that on drums and keys, guitar , that kind of thing. But Kirk plays at such a ridiculously high level on drums, keys and vocals that it’s kinda not fair!….. One of my favorite bands and a huge influence on my own playing was the band Tribal Tech with Scott Henderson on guitar. Kirk was a member of Tribal…

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Episode 6 with Leni Stern Podcast

My guest today is guitarist, vocalist and composer Leni Stern. Leni is someone I consider to be a good friend, as we’ve known each other for 16 years.  She’s one of the most inspiring musicians I happen to know and  - her contagious laugh and positive energy is something I never get tired of being around. Although she is married to guitarist Mike Stern (check out my 4th podcast)- Leni has her own distinctive voice on the guitar and an unmistakable touch and tone. She has won the Gibson Guitar  Best Female…

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Episode 5 with Johnny Vidacovich Podcast

My guest today is Mr. Johnny Vidacovich- 

In a town that is filled with great drummers, all with their own unique style and approach, Johnny Vidacovich easily qualifies as an institution in the New Orleans music scene. His career spans 5 decades and he’s played with a who’s who of New orleans music royalty- Danny Barker, Professor Longhair, James Booker, Johnny Adams,  Astral Project, and many many others- as well as those from outside of New Orleans who have relied on Johnny’s signature street beat…

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Episode 4- with Mike Stern Podcast

My guest today is Mike Stern. 

Mike is one of my favorite guitarists and has been since I first got interested in jazz as a teenager. Mike cut his teeth playing in blues and rock bands like Blood Sweat and Tears before joining the Miles Davis Band in the early 80’s. His career with Miles, Steps Ahead, and also with The Brecker Brothers and Jaco Pastorious is widely documented. His solo career has produced 16 solo records and numerous Grammy nominations. 

 I like to think of Mike's playing like equal parts…

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with John Oates during our soundcheck for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in NYC a few weeks ago.

with John Oates during our soundcheck for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in NYC a few weeks ago.