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Episode 23 with Daryl Hall Podcast

 OK so there is really no need to introduce Daryl Hall here. Everyone knows that he’s one of the greatest rock, R&B and pop singers ever and half of the most successful pop/rock duo of all time Daryl Hall and…

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Episode 22 with Oz Noy Podcast

My guest this episode is Mr. Oz Noy. One of the most accomplished guitarists out there on the scene today, Oz has it all- amazing chops, vocabulary, technique, all delivered with touch, soul and tone. His 9 solo records capture all…

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Episode 21 with Sonny Landreth Podcast

My guest today is Mr. Sonny Landreth. Sonny is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who is probably the most innovative slide guitar player ever. Just ask Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Robben Ford and his many legions of guitar fans. I…

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Episode 20 with David Grissom Podcast


What is it about Texas and it's reputation for gunslingin' killer guitar players? You know the old cliche' "something in the water?", well, this certainly applies to the Lone Star State...think of the guitarists that have emerged from here-…

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Episode 19 with Tommy Malone (Subdudes) Podcast

My guest today is Mr. Tommy Malone. You know there is just something about hearing someone from South Louisiana belt out a vocal or play a guitar solo- they just seem to have a certain "thing" to the way they…

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Episode 18 with Adam Levy  Podcast

My guest today is Mr. Adam Levy. Finesse, feel, restraint and taste. That’s what I think of when I hear Adam play. Perhaps best known for being a member of Norah Jones band in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, Adam has…

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Episode 17 with Madeleine Peyroux Podcast

My guest today is singer/songwriter/guitarist and my friend, Madeleine Peyroux. Known for her sultry, retro vocal style and phrasing, Madeleine is an internationally known jazz and blues artist having headlined some of the biggest jazz festivals around the world -from…

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Episode 15 with Jon Herington (Steely Dan) Podcast

My guest today is Mr. Jon Herington. Currently the guitarist for Steely Dan, Jon has long been one of NYC’s top tier musicians and first call cats. His resume boasts many credits, (including Boz Scaggs, Michael Brecker, Bill Evans, Bette Midler…

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Episode 14 with Mark Egan Podcast

My guest today is Mark Egan. Mark is a world renowned bassist, composer and bandleader who has recorded and performed with many of the greats in the world of music.  He was an original member of the Pat Metheny group

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Episode 12 with Jon Cleary Podcast

Although he grew up in a small town just south of London, England, spend some time listening to Jon Cleary and you will swear he is the result of some sort of super-engineering experiment that sought to combine the absolute…

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Episode 11 with Will Lee Podcast

My guest today is Mr. Will Lee. What can you say about Will that hasn’t already been said? He’s one of the most recorded bassists ever-     He hit the ground running in NYC after landing the gig with…

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Episode 10 with John Leventhal Podcast

My guest today is Mr. John Leventhal. John is a guitarist, songwriter and producer, having won 5 Grammys  and 16 nominations for records he has produced. (I may be incorrect about this, it might actually be more…) 

 As usual…

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Episode 9 with Warren DeMartini Podcast

Today’s guest is Mr. Warren DeMartini. Warren is best known as being the badass guitar gunslinger in one of the most prolific and massively successful of the 80’s bands- that would be Ratt. 

If you’ve been listening to…

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with John Oates during our soundcheck for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in NYC a few weeks ago.

with John Oates during our soundcheck for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in NYC a few weeks ago.