The Next Step- Instructional Book (PDF only)
  • The Next Step- Instructional Book (PDF only)


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THE NEXT STEP- "Creative Concepts for the Improvising Guitarist” (NOTE PDF DOWNLOAD ONLY) This was a book originally used by GIT Atlanta (now the Atlanta Institute of Music – (AIM) as a class curriculum and for some of my more advanced students back when I was teaching private lessons at at AIM. For a while I would sell the books at seminars, but it’s been long out of print. I’ve been toying around with doing something with the manuscript and well, here it is… available as an instant download. What’s in it? The book is divided up into 6 sections: 1. Technique (picking etudes, exercises)
2. Chromatic concepts (unison notes, patterns, Mike Brecker lines)
3. Improvising with Shapes (odd grouping patterns, superimposing arpeggios)
4. Modern Pentatonic/Blues Sounds
5. Intervallic Sounds (octave dispersion)
6. Applications (practice routines, visualization, etc…) The sub-titles dealing with the 6 subjects include: picking etudes, unique arpeggio shapes, chord diagrams, lines, licks, etc… Trust me, there is a lot of info in here! Some of the material was used in the Guitar Player lessons I did a few years back. The book is now again available as download only via payments from Pay Pal (Please note that this is a high quality scan PDF)

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