Study with me at your own leisure and on your own schedule! These three highly acclaimed instructional videos by True Fire are packed with lessons and examples, play- along tracks from some of my own solo records, and lots of things to keep you busy.

30 Mojo Rhythms and Rhythm Mojo have everything from New orleans funk to Memphis moves and just about everything in-between concerning rhythm guitar. 

My Solo Mojo video is chock full of improvising concepts to help you get out of ruts and develop your original voice while improvising. These are ideas that I use myself to compose and build solos.

Click on the picture to get more information and sample videos. Both of these lessons have been best sellers at the True Fire website and I think you will like them! For what I charge for a private lesson these are a bargain and you also get the play-along trax, tab/notation etc. 


I used to do quite a few lessons for Guitar Player Magazine and more recently Premier Guitar. Here are the most recent two for Premier Guitar.

Here is an old one on effective practicing- Effective Practicing

And a great warm up picking exercise- Take your Pick

I get a lot of emails asking for private lessons but I haven't taught privately for many years. Most of the reason is due to the fact that I just don't have much spare time to teach- I do have some books and things available on the "STORE" page and there are some lessons online as well.